The worst experience ever trying to finance a deal. I called when putting in my application they said up to 5 days.

We had up to 16 days before the boat was to be delivered and the holiday weekend. So we proceeded. They requested documentation and I was out of town. I asked to email it instead they said I could not (this response took 3 days).

I called my accountant had the paperwork sent to me $200 in time. Then went to Fed ex and printed $50.00 worth of copies to proceed to fax it. The Fax number was not working so I was frustrated and called customer service. All the sudden after $250 and a lot of time wasted it was ok to email.

Over 10 days I gave them different documents as underwriting requested them. I must of expressed how important it was to close before the Holiday for my daughters birthday party 5 times to my rep. His response was it normally take around 5 days to get the approval and check. On Monday 4 days before the Holiday and 13 days into this processes I asked again.

He said should not be a problem but if I wanted to be safe I could go apply with the dealership and refinance with them!!!! Really spending unnecessary closing fees because what he said would take 5 days has taken now over 13. Finally on day 14 APPROVED! Then came the dealership documents.

I was able to stop everything I was doing at work to collect all documents needed with in 3 hours. Which included calling the manufacturer to get a copy of the MSO since it was still in the mail. I asked my rep if I was good and could the paper work go out today so I could close on time. He told me there was no way to close this week that it would take a least 2 days to draw up the papers then they have to send them to me and I have to send them back.

So the earliest closing would be early next week. Missing the Holiday weekend and my daughters birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Devasted and very upset called upper management offer to pay more in closing cost if they could just escalate the paperwork. They said sorry there was nothing they could do.

They were short handed due to there down sizing. I explained my frustration with how long the processes had taken (14 days to date) and how I was told to go somewhere else if I needed the loan before the Holiday. I asked for her supervisor to call me back. Of course I never received a phone call.

Aggravated and upset I went VyStar Credit Union 40 minutes before they closed. The girl greeted me said sorry for the horrible day I was having and had me approved in hour and half with a check in my hand! Yes it was 1 point higher, but after the frustration that Essex put me through I don't care. I can't believe I wasted over 2weeks with that company.

I wouldn't give that company a dime of money ever. NO wonder they are down sizing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Essex Credit Customer Care.

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