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It's a shame they are so lazy .. while trying to sell my rv they won't even fax a payoff amount to my buyers bank.. telling me it takes 5 business days.. really!!!! To fax a piece of paper with a number on it!! No customer service

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We recently closed our loan with Ricky Aubrey at Essex Credit. He was great to deal with. The overall loan process is a little slow if you are not going through a dealer so I would advise securing other financing and then refinance with Essex. The rates and terms are the best I could find anywhere. I told Ricky of my concerns based on reviews I saw on the internet but he assured me he would take good care of us and he did. I would recommend... Read more

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According to some that I am reading, there was nothing positive in 2015. Have they turned around for 2016? Please give me some feedback before I make a mistake. I am currently with Ally.....DONT go there ! Essex is telling me 4.29 @ 15 yrs. Are there hidden charges they are not telling me? The interest is simple. BUT Ally is simple. The last $950. that I sent to Ally went all to finance. Mind you, my payments are not late. The guy Jay... Read more

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They wont call me back. They won't tell me why. Left 4 messages. Their email said they would send a letter. It has been a week now and the only thing I have gotten in the mail is my credit score 849. I did not know having great credit was a reason to be denied a loan. I have been in the financial business for 25 years and if I treated my customers like this I would have been fired along time ago. This company should go out of business.... Read more

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Don't waste your time or the hard inquiry on your credit. I was trying to refinance a loan on my boat for a lower rate. I have never had a late payment on anything but in my life. Tried calling the person that was assigned my application twice before I received the denial, never bothered to call me back. Tried to find out why I was denied never received a letter or call. I believe that is required. Terrible customer service don't waste... Read more

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2 - WOW's. The 1st WOW is for reading these current reviews and thinking I was going to be the only one. The second WOW being how I see many of the names that I dealt with during my proceedings over the last two months and how these folks are still around at Essex. That tells me their managers don't believe they are that bad or they don't read reviews (or both). Funny their business ratings are lower than their interest rates! BOOM. That was... Read more

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This company is an absolute joke, if you want to be hassled,delayed, never hear from them on your financing them they are the company for you!!! Linda Ramirez is the slouch I dealt with like many others in fact I ask myself how can she still be with the company even and how can they even be in business??? I applied for a boat loan of $25000 on a $45000 boat which means I had $20000 down payment and a credit score of 790 with a debt to income of... Read more

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We are the sellers in an Escrow Transaction that has now gone over 75 days! Essex continues to stall with the funding. We continue to get last minute stalls and last minute requests from Essex. Like last week, the night before closing/funding, we're told to get ANOTHER Termite report from Orkin. We had the property tented back at the end of October 2014. It went into Escrow mid April. Essex had our Termite report in April. They waited... Read more

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Another Linda Ramirez victim here. Applied online, was approved in 24 hours - then the fun began. No response to voicemails or emails - the only way to get through to her is via a customer service representative. Her excuse - "We're swamped with applications - you'll get your loan documents next week." "Next week" has come and gone - no documents. Is she the only one processing loans for this company? Dealer is losing patience - wants me... Read more

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Applied for a loan through Costco. I keep a good eye on my credit score so I knew I met the requirements. I was told I would hear back within two business days. A week later I emailed asking for a status update. Jim Pena in the San Ramon office emailed back that my credit rating wasn't high enough. I let him know that wasn't mine and what mine actually is. His response was the same email, but even more terse, with the subject clearly being... Read more

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